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Face Oils vs Face Lotions

Face Oils vs Face Lotions, What's better?

Face oils and face lotions are two different products but they both do the same function, to moisturize the skin is the main purpose. They are made differently and they have completely different textures. Simply put, face oils are made solely from "Oils" (usually plant oils) , while face lotions have oils in them, but they also have water, emulsifiers and preservatives.  Below is the difference of what they are made of.


Face oils are made up of plant oils and often essential oils and extracts. Face oils are usually pure oils and all natural. Because there is no water, a natural preservative such as Vitamin E (Tocopheral) is used as preservative. Since face oils are made up of "oils", it is more concentrated and you get the full benefits. Most face oils are quick to absorb into the skin and does not leave a greasy residue. The biggest myth that surrounds face oils is they clog the pores which is not 100% true. Yes, some oils can clog the pores but not all of them and the same goes for face lotions, the oils used in face oils are used in face lotions, so in hindsight, face lotions can cause cloggage as well. Of course, depending on the oils used.


Most face lotions are made with oils, the oils are the humectant or the moisturizer for the skin. Face lotions are made with water or a distillate water, and emulsifiers are added to thicken and bond the oils and water together and preservatives are added because water is present and needs to be properly preserved. The oils become diluted and become only a percentage of the entire formula. Many people like face lotions because of the creamy texture and lotions and creams have a "slip" to it, making your skin feel moist and hydrated. Face creams are the same as face lotions but heavier and more potent because less water is used in face creams, giving it a thicker texture.

*This is the basic lotion formula we are speaking of. Many lotions are made with different ingredients, extracts, etc. But the water and emulsifiers are still present.


It is a personal preference of how your skin feels and what you like, but the face oils are more potent and concentrated so you receive the full benefits. Many people often use both, they use the face oil  first as the "serum" or "face treatment" then follow with the face lotion or cream.

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