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Introducing Blue Green Algae, a New Way to Mask Up!

Blue Green Algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) is becoming one of the ultimate Superfoods for the skin. It is also recognized as being the most ancient foods on earth. It has superfood status due to high concentrations of proteins, vitamins and nutrients. Blue Green algae is the purest, most nutrient-intact algae available in the world. It is a wild harvested organic certified, single celled organism. 

Blue green algae has a list of impressive benefits. Including:

  • 20 Antioxidants
  • 70 trace elements
  • 60 minerals
  • enzymes.

Blue Green Algae's Impressive Skin Benefits:

Blue green algae helps to restore, tone, tighten, balance and rejuvenate your skin within minutes. Helps with inflammation, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, anti aging, unclogs and refines pores and helps even out skin pigmentation.

At KYOMI SKIN, we use the impressive blue green algae as a face mask so the skin can absorb all of its goodness. i.e. Vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

KYOMI SKIN'S  blue green algae mask is a nutrient-rich exfoliating mask powder, and is formulated with bamboo to polish away dead skin cells, and bentonite clays for deep cleansing and to pull out the impurities leaving skin glowing, beautiful and radiant. All this in one mask, a new way to mask up!

All you need to do is add water, massage onto skin and let set for 5-10 minutes. It's a cleanser, exfoliant and mask all in one.

For more infö on KYOMI SKIN'S Blue green algae mask, a.k.a "Beauty Powder", please click here.


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