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Zoom KYOMI SKIN  bakuchiol face oil, bakuchi face oil, organic face oils, natural face oils bakuchiol
Zoom KYOMI SKIN  bakuchiol face oil, bakuchi face oil, organic face oils, natural face oils bakuchiol
Zoom bakuchiol face serum, bakuchiol

Organic Bakuchiol Face Oil- Retinol Alternative



It's like retinol, but without the side effects.  Bakuchi or Babchi plant, also known as a Miracle plant. Our organic Bakuchi oil which Bakuchiol comes from, is a powerful healing herb that has similar qualities of retinol. 

WHAT IS IT: Bakuchi oil (Babchi oil) is an ayurvedic herb, native to Sri Lanka and India, it is renowned to be a highly effective herb for the skin. It is naturally rich in the powerful antioxidant "Bakuchiol", a strong anti-ager. Our Bakuchi oil has 9%-10% Bakuchiol.

  • Skin type: All skin types, combination and problematic skin
  • Smells like: a very nutty earthy aroma
  • Note* This is a dark oil, allow it time to absorb into the skin. Use a few drops at a time
  • *Usage:  It shouldn't be used in the sun because it can cause photosensitivity. 

The Daily Ritual

On clean skin, after cleansing apply 3-4 drops on your fingertips & press both hands together a few times then gently pat all over your face & massage. Oils will melt into your skin. Use as a moisturizer or underneath. *Do not use in the sun.

Patch Test

Patch tests are an easy way to help predict if you may experience a negative initial reaction to a new product. It is recommended to perform a patch test before incorporating any new product into your regimen.


Organic Bakuchi (Psoralea Corylifolia) oil.


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Organic Bakuchiol Face Oil- Retinol Alternative


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Peach Khoteev
Still didn’t receive the product

If I don’t email and asking for my order, that shipment will never get to send out. Why would I pay for the shipping if it’s going to be so delayed!

Nan Salcedo
Love the formulator that can create a high quality effective serum without fillers and preservatives

Great product. Nothing but the active ingredients. Very effective, feels great on the skin and smells wonderful! Thank you!

Kate Mcclelland
I’m a fan

Sensitive skin here and I’ve been using retinol for some time. Started to show more signs of irritation from it, so I switched to this. My skin looks nice the day after I use it! It does have a slight odor and can rub off on sheets and pillows if you use more than the recommended amount / put it on as you roll into bed. But so far I am liking it!! My pores look smaller and redness is decreased in the morning after using it.

It's new so my rating is tentative

I used to use retinol religiously but after babies, breastfeeding, and up-all-nighters (plus about 4 additional years of aging) I'm just not happy when I look in the mirror. I ordered this because I'll probably breastfeed another year and I just deserve some self care. Just a few days in but I'm really happy with how it's working! Surprisingly, my hormonal pimples that had started reappearing immediately disappeared with this oil, my husband and I both think my dark under eye circles and tired look are improving and (probably due to either the natural or added tint that sort of "tans" you), I look more peppy and less "up-all-night" lol.

Bridget Mahoney

Organic Bakuchiol Face Oil- Retinol Alternative


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