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Banana Peel Skin Benefits

Banana Peel For the Skin

Recently, applying  banana peels and mashed bananas to your face has been the latest trend and even went viral on Tik Tok, claiming it improved their skins condition, removed dark spots,  firmed and tightened. However, several cultures have been using banana on their face for many many years, and it's no wonder why; bananas are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, especially the peel which loaded with nutrients.

Banana Peel 

Bananas are known for the nutritional benefits for the body as well as your skin because they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C and fatty acids, however the banana peel themselves has even greater benefits for your skin because it's rich in macronutrients like fiber, magnesium, protein and potassium. It's also very rich in B Vitamins.

Banana Peel Skin Benefits

Bananas are very nourishing for the skin and makes an excellent moisturizer and hair conditioner. Banana oil enhances the texture of the skin and hair, hydrates, softens and conditions the skin with no greasy residue. Banana peel is most known for its firming, toning, nourishing the the skin and helps reduce pore size for smooth skin. It also promotes cell turnover, making the skin more supple and soft. It is also effective for diminishing dark spots and stretch marks.

Banana also helps soothe inflammation and balances the skin's natural moisture and oil production. Banana peel oil which is a newer oil in the market absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly leaves a nice glow and has a mild aroma of bananas.

Banana Haircare Benefits

Banana nourishes and conditions the hair and helps with dry, frizzy damaged and brittle hair. It also helps to strengthen the hair and increases shine.

Banana Peel Face Oil

You no longer have to apply banana peels or mashed bananas to your face. Banana Peel now comes in a face and hair oil.

KYOMI SKIN'S Banana peel face oil, is an infused oil meticulously made using a multi-step process that combines the benefits of Banana seed oil with the benefits of Banana peels thru infusing the banana peels into the banana seed oil. (maceration)

First, the banana seeds are cold-pressed into an oil, then Banana peels are infused in the banana seed oil to extract its lipid soluble components. After a three weeks of oil infusion, the peels are removed and the oil is micro-filtered to produce the final Banana oil with the rich nutrients from the Banana peel. The final product is an all natural luxurious oil with a banana aroma.



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